Asociația Environ organizeză în perioada 15 aprilie – 30 iunie 2019, a treia ediție a campaniei naționale de colectare a deșeurilor de echipamente electrice și electronice (DEEE) și a bateriilor uzate, ,,România Reciclează”, un proiect derulat în parteneriat cu autoritățile locale. 

    În program pot participa municipii, orașe, localități mari și mici! Înscrierile se fac prin e-mail pe adresa sau direct prin telefon la numarul 031.827.0000

  • Recycle mit!/Provocare la reciclare!
    Recycle mit!/Provocare la reciclare!

    Are you a member of AHK Romania with offices in Romania?

    Now you can actively contribute to environmental protection by involving your company in the project “Provocare la reciclare/Recycle mit!”, developed in collaboration with AHK Romania and Asociaţia Environ.

    Gain the reputation of an environmentally friendly company!

  • Baterel si Lumea Non-E
    Baterel si Lumea Non-E

    It is crucial to understand the importance of our tiniest gesture of thoughtfulness about nature shown by each of us, a grown-up or a child. Anyone can become an influencer in their community, and their behaviour can also be embraced by family, work colleagues, friends, and neighbours. Investment in the education of the next generation is by far the most sustainable choice!

  • PPP

    During 1 April 2018 - 31 December 2018 SNRB will organise the third edition of ,,Look at the Bright Side!”, a nationwide campaign for awareness and encouragement of separate collection of used portable batteries.

    Collect 20 used batteries and you get 4 new batteries for free!