Choose SNRB!

In your dealings as producer or importer of batteries, it is not easy to comply with your obligations to take back waste batteries and accumulators.

SNRB, as a structure of transfer of responsibility, has developed a state-of-the-art collection system that ensures that such targets as met.

SNRB collects used batteries using a comprehensive nationwide network covering the entire territory of Romania and ensures that the collected batteries are best sorted so as to be recycled and processed with maximum effectiveness.


Association Sistemul National de Reciclare a Bateriilor (SNRB) treats all its members on an equal footing and works solely with those certified companies that use the BAT (best available techniques) for treatment, recovery and recycling, while focusing on achieving the best rate of protection of both environment and human health.

Besides conducting such operating tasks, SNRB ensures that obligations to report to and inform the domestic environmental authorities are duly fulfilled, and that programs aimed at prevention and increase of awareness are properly conducted.