Any retailer that sells batteries is also compelled by the law to accept used batteries. Beyond such legal duty, you may choose to become a collection point for ecological reasons or because your company firma generates large amounts of used batteries.

You too can help achieve a cleaner, healthier environment! You can become part of the SNRB collection network simply, easily and freely!

Fill in the form below and we will contact you within the shortest possible time to provide you with free containers!

SNRB uses various types of collection boxes. Based on the available space and the quantity and type of collected batteries, we will make a joint decision as to what containers are to best fit your requirements!



What are your obligations in your acting as a collection point?

  1. Place the containers in conspicuous spots to be easily accessible by the public
  2. Request free collection when container is 80% full
  3. Notify us when your stock of collection envelopes or other promotional materials is about to exhaust
  4. Please contact us for any other queries or clarifications!

For collection actions you can contact us:

-          filling in the online form

-          calling our call centre toll-free number 031 821 3333

-          e-mail us at

Collections are conducted within 7 business days of the date of your request.

Safety measures:

  • only use the SNRB containers designed for battery collection purposes
  • avoid overload of containers and request regular collection
  • do not expose collection containers to extremely low or high temperatures
  • do not expose collection containers to humidity
  • place collection containers in properly ventilated areas clear from the other types of waste (cardboard, oil etc.)
  • do not mix batteries with other types of waste (or explosive materials)
  • avoid contact with damaged or leaky batteries. However, should you get to contact such batteries, wash your hands properly and use much water to rinse abundantly.